Is Abf a Good Company to Drive for

And it`s not just ABF, but other LTLs as well. Are they trying to get all their drivers 40 a week, whether they are driving, picking up, docking or whatever? Q: I am currently training as a CDL at C1 truck driver and was wondering if ABF was a good career choice for a local LTL career. I live about half a mile from ABF and Averitt. I wondered what the salary, benefits, benefits and retirement looked like. I really want to use this experience to walk through the door as a delivery driver or tractor-trailer driver at UPS. Do you think I should focus on ABF or try to get into UPS as soon as possible? Many jobs require drivers to be on the road for weeks, sacrificing valuable time at home. This is not the case with ABF. Our city users are home every night (and most work Monday to Friday), while ABF road users come home 90% of the time every other day. If it`s important for you to be home more often, ABF can offer exactly what you`re looking for. ABF Freight Company drivers on local or urban routes pick up and drop off goods near them and usually stay relatively close to the distribution center where they are based.

The role of local driver is ideal for drivers who like to interact face-to-face with their customers and want regular working hours, although the work can be very demanding, with several stops a day. Local and urban drivers usually work Monday to Friday and go home every night. If you like the sound of an ABF Freight driver and want to learn more about vacancies in your area, you can find a full list of current job openings on the ABF Freight careers website. ABF Freight is one of the nation`s leading less-than-truckload (LTL) forwarders with over 11,000 employees, 4,100 trucks and 17,000 trailers. The company was founded in 1923 in Arkansas as OK Transfer and is an award-winning subsidiary of ArcBest. ABF Freight workers are now part of the Teamsters Union. When you become an ABF Freight employee, you join a group of people who are passionate, hardworking, and proud of their careers and their business. Since 1923, we`ve come together to make a difference for each other and for our customers, and we`ve always believed in getting it right the first time. This commitment has created a strong sense of family throughout the organization, and we look forward to sharing that feeling with you. Q: I haven`t seen a forum for ABF: What does ABF look for in a new pilot / how do I get hired? In the application, you must provide details about your education, employment and driving history, as well as questions about whether you have an up-to-date Class A CDL. As your application progresses, you will be offered a job and you will move on to orientation and probation, as explained by ABF driver Jacob H.

in 2019: You`d be lucky to be hired there with a year of experience. You will be competing with riders who have years of experience, many who have years of experience in pulling doubles and triples. ABF usually starts new hires as “combo drivers” – some mooring jobs, some P&Ds, some lines. What you end up doing depends on what your device needs and what you do best. The last salary information I found for ABF was $24.30/hour and 61 cpm. You`ll start about 70% of that and work your way up the ladder in three years with raises every six months. ABF will check everything, if you lie or omit anything, they will destroy the app and you will never hear from them. I have 2 friends who work there good company, holidays are for new people, 100% paid and board With a good reputation to maintain, ABF Freight requires that driver candidates meet certain requirements before applying. To be a successful candidate, you must: In 2022, Glassdoor estimates that the average ABF cargo earns $27 per hour. I`d be very surprised if abf hired you right outside of driving school, but like most companies, they hurt drivers. The highest wage is about $25 per hour.

You start with 90% of this amount for 1 year and then you go out. Your insurance for you and your family is fully paid for by abf. They also contribute to a pension plan for you and earn $75 for every year worked at retirement age. You have to work 2 years to earn your first week of vacation. “I`ve been with ABF for 5 years and compare the newcomer to other employees at the Hawaii terminal. The terminal is very small; Store managers, two office managers, two sales representatives, a dispatcher, a docker and three drivers. As we are a small terminal, we have a family atmosphere and a high work ethic. Employees with high morale are the reason why employees in the above positions have been employed by the company for 8-20+ years. A: ABF has a lot of older pilots. The runners who came when OTR and running miles were the “in”.

So you have a lot of retreats in front of you, but don`t expect to have a schedule or an offer. Cpm`s money is better than 90% of the company`s truck jobs. Just like gaining experience, you need to do your time. So expect to work 6-7 days a week and work on weekends. This applies to any LTL line transport work. Too many people come in hoping to have weekends off, like it`s a guarantee, and then get angry when they can`t get what they want as a junior guy. Sorry, it`s a truck, it`s an LTL extra board.